‘Why don’t we?’ with Gallery Nono

Me and seven other female artists were invited by Gallery Nono in The Hague, to participate in the exhibition: ‘Why don’t we?’ Hence I was given the opportunity to exhibit some of my new work in a show which highlighted contemporary female artists, with an emphasis on artistic practices within painting.

After graduating, I have mostly continued to depict chairs and tables in my paintings. I must say, that it is still difficult to point at clear words, which could potentially explain why I always paint chairs and tables. I myself, am also still questioning this. The reasonings behind this seem to change as often as the depicted chairs themselves. But maybe it is also this uncertainty, which makes me paint them, time and again still.

February 2022

'Why don't we' with Gallery Nono (2022)
I could not see but I heard, (2021)
Reappearing around the surface (2022)
Second contemplation of space (2022)
Open space (2021)
Sleeping through the cold (2022)