Sculptural paintings

Paintings created on leftover floor pieces of final exam work ‘Maelstrom’ (2021). Once the time came for the work ‘Maelstrom’ to be deconstructed, I cut all the floor-pieces up into squares of 1-2m² and brought these into my home. Here they were laying quietly for some time; stacked while spreading dust throughout the house. But the floor was also reconstructed in several places, after which they returned home once again.

Now I consider the floor as an ongoing piece – one that is time and again transforming, transporting and existing in a new environment. By painting on these uniquely structured pieces, I attempt to give new meaning to something that has been taken apart, and question how it can be mended or given new life once again.

Fall 2022

Unfolding (2022)
Room temperature (2022)
All there, nothing here (2022)
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