Maelstrom at ‘On Your Own - 5’ with Haagse Kunstkring

‘On Your Own’ is an annual project initiated by De Haagse kunstkring. This year, me and eight other graduates were invited to create a multi-disciplinary exhibition together, called ‘On Your Own - 5’. In this show, the nine of us were given the space to experience and develop our graduation work in a new context.

After the graduation show ended, I cut the floor of my project Maelstrom (2021) up into pieces and brought these into my home. Since then, they have mostly been laying quietly in my livingroom. But every now and then, they have been reconstructed in several places outside. One of these occassions was ‘On Your Own - 5’. The floor was sewn together once again and shown in combination with paintings.

Some paintings in this created environment did not appear on eye-level, but were placed lower than usual. This placement attempts to questions the curiosity of the visitor and continues to build on the immersive experience, which I also attempted to encapsulate with Maelstrom. The adjusted movement of the visitors, makes them a part of this play between chairs and tables.

November 2021

Maelstrom (2021) at Haagse Kunstkring
Contemplation of space (2021)
Synchronized dance (2021)
Sudden movements (2021)