'1000 Shape-Shifting Chocolate Chips' with Milk & Cereals

Milk & Cereals is an experimental artist-initiative created by two alumni of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague: Anca Bârjovanu and Catelijne Boele. The project “1000 shape-shifting chocolate chips” sprouted from a collective urge to confront the differentiating roles that the emerging artists take on today in order to maintain and fund their artistic praxis.

'We strongly believe in the strength of uniting with fellow emerging artists - hence it is extremely important for us to create this exhibition and share the diversity of personal stories they nowadays have to tell.'

About the works shown:

Catelijne Boele her work encapsulates paintings, installations, sculptures and writings. Throughout the past years, subject-matters such as dreams, memories and fictional narratives, have been important sources of inspiration for her:

‘Melancholic and nostalgic memories brought my paintings to these places - objects such as chairs and tables, transcend their function and carry symbolic meaning. They translate personal sensibilities, such as transformation and unconditional connections into an atmospheric space.’

April 2023

pictures by Anca Bârjovanu

Unfolding (2022)
All there, nothing here (2022)
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