Humming and Mumbling - The volatility of whispers (2022)


This booklet contains thoughts, fiction, research and songs, around the subject of something that is detaching; moving onto the space outside of the earth we inhabit. With the help of different sources, I wanted to shed light on something seemingly mundane, while simultaneously, below the surface, consisting of many different layers and complexities. Therefore, I wanted to let my imagination and the forest sing. And through fictions and dreams, shining light on imagination and memories.

The texts I bundled into this booklet, were inspired by the concept of a mumbling forest; one where the trees communicate as invisibly amongst each other, as memories and dreams do with ourselves.

It was published as part of the exhibition: ‘But, s/he indorsed the sheen’ (2022) with Sirius Initiative Amsterdam


Find the worm
And the
You left

Find your limbs
The leaves
You left

There is
New air
So stamp
Your feet

New songs
To be found
The green

July 2022

Humming and mumbling (2022)
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