Een lichaam beweegt
Zich door dit huis

The publication was made during the first lockdown in the spring of 2020. The writings and drawings question the relationship with the new, inescapable environment: home.

After making multiple hand-drawn publications, I delivered them personally to the homes of others. Attempting to relate to people, in a time where physical contact is mostly prohibited.


A white envelope on the floor.
My name hand written on the top left corner (odd placement)
No address, no stamp.
Sealed envelope.
The joy of opening.
The softness of the paper is first tactile impression.
Then the fragility and the cotton strings.
Rough torn edges
Hand writing in blue pen in capital letters.
Page of writing as shapes. (not understood, its in Dutch)
First page with drawing I question whether it would be ok to pull apart the booklet and frame the page.
I want to but I think it is wrong to do.
I like the shadow that the cotton thread casts as lines in the middle of the page, parallels.
Dark wood.
2nd drawing, I really want to frame this.
I think about disassembling the booklet and framing each page open...
3rd drawing – my favourite.
I like holding the book, the drawings in my hand.
The paper feels like fabric.
Laminate floor, furniture, white, place of process, wood, table, people, broken in two.
White floor. look. large room.

Text by Yota Karas

May 2020

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