De armen en de benen

In the following pages of the publication De armen en de benen, a voice expresses how it envies the clouds above. They hear sounds that humans are not able to hear and float through the sky; weightlessly and unattached to the ground. They are the metaphorical embodiment of everything the human body is not. Humans are bound to the ground. Heavy, and in the need of legs and feet to move through the streets and forests. While clouds move freely through the sky, being pushed forward by the wind, without a beginning or an ending.

This booklet aims to point at an abstract feeling. A feeling of longing. The longing to be more than something factually is; a moving human body. The booklet addresses the internal friction between wanting to break free but at the same time, knowingly being locked inside physicality. Through empirical observations and imaginative connections, this booklet attempts to embody this feeling.

But besides this friction, the booklet also tries to find a new sense of belonging. Patterns of nature and the rhythms in which plants grow and move, can in some imaginative ways be compared to the physical human body.
The tips of some plants are similar to the ends of human fingers; reaching down towards the floor. But also growing endlessly towards the sky, while the clouds continue to move; weightlessly floating above us.

October 2020
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