Inspired and driven by endless movements, dreams and dialogues.

And while I attempt to stay focused, attempt to stick with these points and words; I cannot deny, that I am repeatedly distracted. Distracted by invisible whispers. Whispers which are, whether ignored or recognized, taking in an inevitable presence in space. Embodied, but not in matter. Not in concrete or bricks. But in something that travels:


in the studio (2021)
Maelstrom series I (2021)
Maelstrom series II (2021)
I wanted to say something but I forgot (2020)
3 week journal (2020)
Thread Sculpture I (2020)
De Armen en De Benen publication (2020)
De Armen en De Benen exhibition (2020)
I keep contemplating about the beginning and ending of things (2020)
Een lichaam beweegt zich door dit huis (2020)
Vitrine (2020)
The Elephant in the Room (2021)